Digit-All Art Exhibit
Artist Statement

1968 - -  the war in Viet Nam was raging on, the Tet Offensive had occurred earlier in the year and had signaled a turn in the direction of war.  In the summer of that year I was drafted into the U. S. Army.  Having left high school with a rank of Captain in the Jr. Army ROTC and proficient as an expert marksman, I was, as I thought at the time, prepared to go serve my country.  At that time, a majority of all draftees were headed to Viet Nam right out of basic training as infantrymen.  In the short time I spent at the induction center, I realized that this option was to be avoided at all costs, within the law and personal convictions, of course.  I was given and took the option to resign from the 2 year draft and enlist in the regular army for 3 in order to select the training of my choice.  I chose the longest and highest technological choice available to me at the time, my goal being to make myself as valuable as possible at least in the eyes of the military.  The training I chose had the ominous title of Fixed Station Cryptographic Equipment Repairman.  By the end of my first year, I had a secret NATO clearance, I was adept at repairing and installing high speed computer-based encrypting equipment, and, after 30 days leave, was on my way to a headquarters company and a secure communications center in Germany.  These turns of events would be instrumental in drawing me toward computer technology to further my artistic explorations which, prior to being drafted, had been limited to brushes and photographic film.

This exhibition is less a commercial endeavor and more an overview of some of the areas I have touched on and am currently exploring in computer and digitally-assisted processes.  As with other art processes, there are as many variables and directions one can take as there are artists willing to take them.  Some of these works are digital from beginning to end, some are an amalgam of digital and hand-applied processes and some works are purely hand (digit) made and are included to give a before and after perspective.

I also want to make it clear that the esthetic, the narrative and the purpose of my artistic vision supersede the processes used to create them.  Digital for digital’s sake is not the mantra of my artistic explorations and that is why one will not see any “computer art” in this exhibit. If there is a philosophical purpose to this exhibition, it would be to stimulate interest and discussion about the validity and potential of the tools afforded us by the digital age.

"..you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone for the times they are a-changin."

Bob Dylan