"Jerry De La Cruz: A Road Well Traveled," an art life retrospective, was presented by the Museo de las Americas, in Denver, Colorado. It ran from October 15th, 2015 thru January 17th, 2016. 

One of three exhibits presented annually by the Museo, this exhibit included over 90 works of the artist created over his 45+ year career and was accompanied by an extensive catalog. This was the artist's first retrospective and the largest gathering of his works ever assembled.

In Situ Images


The exhibit drew record-breaking crowds and received extensive media coverage, including the following.

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Catalog Excerpt

In terms of medium and style, the works chosen for this retrospective best represent the varied directions De La Cruz has taken in his desire to create his art. And in terms of context, they were chosen to highlight passages in his life and works that were significant stepping stones or at least waypoints. Rather than compartmentalizing his work into like styles and processes, a less academic approach is taken with the works displayed in a time-line as they occurred. As the artist noted, “the goal is to give the viewer a sense of what it might be like to be the artist in the studio, to work on an abstract in the morning, a portrait at noon and a surreal piece in the evening.”

Photography has played a vital role in De La Cruz’s artistic output from the beginning. Some photography is represented in this exhibition in a few works that utilize it as part of the process. The reams of contact sheets, negatives and digital files that he has amassed over the years would themselves provide an equally sized exhibition. Space would not allow for the inclusion of his photographic work, but a digital slide show of selected photographs is included. This slide show is also included in the digital version of the catalog.

The exhibit catalog includes a biography of the artist and color plates of the 91 exhibit works; perfect-press paperback, 212 pages, 12" x 9", first edition, individualy numbered and limited to 150 copies is available for purchase.