In 2006, the Denver Art Museum began preparations for the grand opening of their new building, designed by Daniel Liebeskind, to be joined by an elevated bridge across 14th Avenue, to the museum's original building, also avant-garde on its inauguration in 1971, designed by Gio Ponte. Those in charge of the opening wanted to have a commemorative artwork commisssioned which would memorialize the event, both the new building and the grand opening of it. Ultimately, Jerry De La Cruz was selected for the commission and came up with a unique plan, process and ultimate commemorative artwork.  Over 3,500 unique facial images (accumulated at the opening by close to one hundred volunteer photography students) were incorporated into layered digital mosaics of the museum buildings and surroundings. These layered mosaic panels of aluminum were in turn assembled to mimic the shape of the new building from above.

Having displayed in Schlessman Hall in the museum's Gio Ponti designed Martin Building for some time, "Convergence" now hangs on the 7th floor of the Central Denver Library where one can view both the artist's creation and the outline of the museum's Liebeskind designed Hamilton Building below.


Photo Mosaic Asseblage Multi-Panel Bas Relief
Digital print on paper, laminated onto plexiglass and aluminum, aluminum panel framing, bolted panel assembly
64" x 132" x 3", 2007

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