Artist Statement

What would human existence be like without the arts?  From the ancient cave walls of Lascaux, France to the walls and stages of modern-day museums and theaters, the arts have been mankind's greatest mode of personal expression and communication - surely an integral part of our past, present and future.  Art is struggling and succeeding, pain and elation, doubt and certainty, restriction and freedom.  Art is feeling, seeing, hearing and thinking.  It's crucial for the artist to assimilate these functions of life in order to respond in some fashion to their existence.  In responding, the artist opens the door and the viewer falls in headfirst toward his or her own self-discovery.  I number myself as one who is fortunate enough to take an active role in this drama.  My art is the result of my living and a measure of my life.  And to have such an existence, I am truly grateful.

Jerry De La Cruz