Industry Quotes

"Above all, Jerry is a superb artist . . .  one of the top artists in our state . . .  his surreal works are particularly powerful, being both provocative and accessible"

Jennifer Cook, Associate Director
Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo, CO

"Jerry De La Cruz's story centers around his exceedingly fine and eloquent paintings . . .  dealing in powerful ways with the psyche and the life of Hispanic peoples . . .  holding his own in company with the most passionate and dramatic artists in America."

Carol Dickinson, Executive Director
Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO

"Jerry De La Cruz would be a legend if he wasn't so accessible . . .  a 'verdadera' role model for the entire community . . .  His commitment to quality is uncompromising - that's apparent in his painting."

Daniel Salazar, Associate Director
Colorado Council on the Arts, Denver, CO

"As a teacher, Jerry has significantly impacted the artistic lives of his students, translating basic techniques into solid skills and an aesthetic that has contributed to many becoming professional artists of merit . . .  I applaud Jerry as an extraordinary artist and teacher."

Leona Lazar, Executive Director
Art Students League of Denver, Denver, CO

"Jerry's work is dynamic and surprising.  He mixes realism and abstraction to create dreamlike images that involve the viewer's eyes, heart and intellect . . .  He has a talent to weave a story in visual terms that reflects and comments on the issues of life today."

Michael Crane, Art Curator
Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada, CO

"[Jerry] is fluent in a whole host of mediums, from pastel to watercolor to oil to construction and can mix and match with expertise and apparent ease.  Both his draftsmanship and brushwork are strong.  His subject matter tends to focus on the human figure and I always find great pathos and provocative content in his work."

Sally Perisho, Executive Director
Center for the Visual Arts, Denver, CO

"We were always thrilled to have [Jerry's] works in the exhibitions because of his excellent reputation and the wonderful quality of his art.  Moreover, Jerry is the consummate professional, maintaining an excellent portfolio, always showing up with his works beautifully framed . . .  Jerry has always been the consummate gentleman."

Patricio Cordova, Executive Director
Chicano Arts & Humanities Council (CHAC), Denver, CO

"The idea (for an unrelated exhibit) came to sculptor Phyllis Perl and me when we both found we couldn't keep our hands off a marble sculpture by Jerry De La Cruz in one of my shows."

Jasmine Bluecreek-West
Owner/Director Bluecreek-West GBallery
Denver, CO